Getting on the Water

Have you been waiting for warm weather to go kayaking, boating, paddle boarding or even fishing on o...


Build a perfect day in DTFW and on the Riverfront: Part I

Downtown Fort Wayn...


Rules of Engagement: Part l – Riverfront Fort Wayne Etiquette

Participating in all that Fort Wayne Riverfront has to offer is not just fun but easy. Although many...


Fort Wayne’s Diamond in the Rough

What do you think is Fort Wayne’s Diamond in the Rough? Our friends at the David Rubin More

Public Input Meetings Allow you to get Involved

I attended the Riverfront Fort Wayne Public Input Meeting in January at the Grand Wayne Center and c...


Winter Cozy Delivers the Fun

For the third year in a row, Winter Cozy has arrived to break up the cabin ...


Join us for Winter Cozy 2019

Saturday, January 26, 2019 at 8pm – 10pm at Headwaters Park West


Riding the River: Boating Safely on our Rivers

Many of us have ventured north to the Great Lakes and witnessed the majesty of those wide waters. So...


American Sycamore Providing Beautiful Contrast

It’s good to have spring finally here. It was a long winter in the Ft. Wayne area. Late winter and...


Dragon Boat Racing: You Can Do This!

Have you been thinking about getting a team together for the Fort Wayne Dragon Boat Races, but you a...



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