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Riley Hollenbaugh Joins Riverfront Fort Wayne

05/09/2022  |  BY RFW

Riley Hollenbaugh is our new Riverfront Fort Wayne Program & Events Manager. Born and raised in South Whitley, Indiana, he has spent years working in economic development in northeast Indiana. Before that, he worked as a community and workplace development director in a community in Michigan with a focus on events, streetscape evolutions, and beautification projects.

Riley says, “I am really excited about Phase II and Phase III of Riverfront development with all of the new connections especially from the Landing to the Wells Street Corridor. Another area that I am excited about is our community sensory events. We have such a diverse range of things to do. I’m impressed with the events that we already have in play here. When I am looking at summer, fall, and possibly even adding more of our own winter events at Promenade Park, it’s all about getting new people here and keeping that momentum going. Megan Butler did an incredible job of introducing Promenade Park and all of its programming to the public. My goal is to use what she created and build on that momentum to keep the diverse programming going. I am excited to get out there and continue to build on the relationships that she created for Riverfront.”

We are so thankful to have you as part of the team, Riley, and look forward to all that you will continue to do with programming and events!

Riley Hollenbaugh


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